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MQ-4 Methane CNG Gas Sensor Module
  • MQ-4 Methane CNG Gas Sensor Module

    SKU: SENS-2072


    • Power Supply: 5 Volts
    • Interface Type: Analog & Digital
    • High Sensitivity to Methane & small sensitivity to smoke & alcohol
    • Low Cost.
    • Stable & Long Life.
    • On board Power indication

        The instruction of Wiring: 

        • VCC: positive power supply (5V) 
        • GND: power supply is negative
        •  DO: TTL switching signal output
        • AO: analog signal output

        Module Applications: 

        Suitable for home or factory methane gas , natural gas and other monitoring devices to test natural gas, methane 300 to 10000ppm.

        Package Includes:

        • 1 X MQ-4 Gas Sensor



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